How to Replace a Motorcycle Clutch Lever

motorcycle clutch lever will break down or need to be replaced at some point. They can easily be damaged from crashes or the motorcycle falling on its side, which means it will likely need to be changed more than once if it is used often. So let us learn what it takes and how to replace your motorcycle clutch lever in a few minutes.

Step 1: Buy New Lever

You can order a lever from the motorcycle’s manufacture or buy one from the store that sells the brand or exact model of your motorcycle. This is an important step, otherwise you could buy the wrong type of clutch and it will not work. This is a hit or miss, so ask before buying from a store. Though your best bet would be to buy directly via the manufacture online or via the phone.

Step 2: Remover Clutch Lever Cover

Pry up the rubber handlebar, clutch lever cover, and slowly pull up the wire/cable that is attached to get it out of the way before you begin to remove the old lever.

Step 3: Loosen Cable

Start to loosen the tightening bolt that holds the clutch cable in place, with your fingers. Keep doing so until it becomes very loose.

Step 4: Remove Nut & Bolt

Once they have been loosened enough, you can use the wrench to remove the nut and bolt that holds the old lever in place along with the cable. After you have removed them, set them both onto the side.

Step 5: Disconnect Old Clutch Lever

Gently pull up the old lever and slowly pull out the cable from the plug in the old lever. Do not yank the cable out, as this might damage it. Once you have disconnected it, set the old lever aside.

Step 6: Attach New Clutch Lever

Plug in the cable to the port on the new lever and make sure that it is connected. Then slide the lever on the mounting assembly.

Step 7: Tighten The Mount Nut & Bolt

Replace the mounting bolt and nut, and then start to tighten them all the way again by using the wrench. Keep tightening them until you can no longer make them any tighter, or leave it a little bit lose if you prefer.

Step 8: Tighten Clutch Cable Bolt

Next, tighten the clutch cable bolt again. You can use your hands to do so, or a proper sized wrench for this. Again, keep tightening it until it can no longer be tightened or until you reach the desired tightness. You may gently pull on the clutch to check for when the desired level of tightness is reached.

Step 9: Replace the Cover

After you have installed the clutch lever, you can pull the leather cover back over it and the handles.


These 9 steps can be done under an hour and not many tools are need. It is very simple and straightforward process.

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