Motion Pro Oil Filter Magnets Review

Your motorcycle’s engine is an amalgamation of different types of metal components.  In theory, the oil cushion keeps those metals separated from each other.   While, modern oils are a marvel, tiny shards and chips of metal are inevitably going to occur in a hard-working engine.  When that happens, that same oil that was designed to protect an engine is the thing that carries those bits to places where they can do the most damage.

That’s where the innovative little item from Motion Pro comes in.  Motion Pro Oil Filter Magnets are a simple, yet effective form of engine insurance.  Since many of the tiny flecks of metal are too small to be contained by the engine’s filter, you need another solution.  Motion Pro’s magnets are 6-pole circular neodymium magnets that mount around the base of your oil filter.  All of the oil entering your oil filter pass around the powerful magnet.  The magnet attracts and contains these metal bits for removal at the next oil change.

The Motion Pro Oil Filter Magnets can be used up to 5 times when wiped clean at regular oil change intervals.

  • Easy to install – just attach to base of standard oil filter
  • Standard oil filters only trap particles down to 20 microns, leaving the most harmful 5 to 20 micron particles to circulate through your engine
  • Powerful six-point magnet traps harmful, abrasive hard metal particles down to one micron that regular filters don’t
  • Invented by Dave Ashley and Dan Smith, winners of 17 Baja Off-road Championships, to help their race engines last through the extreme abuse of Baja racing
  • Reduces wear and significantly increases engine life
  • Available with a 3/4” or 1” hole to fit most spin-on or cartridge oil filters
  • Reusable for up to five oil filter changes

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