How to Install the Turn Signals on a UTV

Utility Terrain Vehicles, or UTV’s, are multi-function off road utility rigs. These vehicles are similar to ATV’s, except they are built for slower speeds and have a more utilitarian feel. These vehicles have small cargo beds, bench seats and four wheel drive capabilities. UTV’s are driveable on and off road, and have many of the same lights as standard autos, including headlights, brake lights and signal lights. If you have a UTV in need of signal lights, the installation process is a quick task accomplished with simple hand tools.


1)Β Hold one of the turn signal panels up to the mounting spots on the rear of the UTV. Look to the left and right hand-middle sides of the UTV on the rear of the rig. Pull the small wire plug out from the center hole at the mounting holes. Go to the opposite side of the UTV rear and do the same with the other plug.
2)Β Plug the wire plug from the UTV into the back of the UTV signal light housing. Push the wires back into the hole and place the panels up against the screw holes and align them to the holes on the turn signal housing.

3)Β Insert the screws into the holes and tighten them with the screwdriver. UTV’s vary and yours may use Phillips or flathead screws.

4)Β Tighten the panels as tight as possible against the UTV. Go to the steering wheel and locate the turn signal bar. Turn the ignition on and test the signals by pushing the signal bar up or down like a standard turn signal device in an automobile.

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