How to Replace ATV Tires

Replacing ATV tires is something that you can do yourself, and save quite a bit of money by doing so. ATV tires will eventually wear out, depending on the frequency that you ride the bike. While they are meant to last a long time, there are any number of reasons that you may need to change the tire: damage from hitting a rock or other debris on the trail, to sun rot from the bike sitting for an extended period of time. Regardless of the reason, it isn’t complicated to change the tire, but it does take a bit of know how and brawn.

Step 1 – Drain Air and Break the Seal

To remove the old tires, you will first need to drain the air from them (if necessary). Remove the valve stem using the tool, and allow the air to escape from the tires. The tire has a wire rim that sits in a lip of the rim that holds the tire in place and creates the seal needed to hold air in the tire. This will need to be broken. You can do this by simply depressing the sidewall of the flattened tire on many styles. On others, there is a little tab on the rim that needs to be flipped up to break the seal.


Step 2 – Remove the Old Tire

Once the air is drained and the seal broken, you can remove the tire from the rim. Depending on the tire, you may only need to press on the sidewall of the tire to get it to pop over the rim edge. If this doesn’t work, wedge the flat part of a tire iron underneath the edge of the tire. Do the same with the second tire iron, about eight inches away from the first. Slide the second tire iron around the edge of the tire, all the way around the circumference of the tire to get the first side out over the edge of the rim. Repeat this process for the second edge of the tire as well to fully remove the tire from the ridge.


Step 3 – Install New Tires

Once the old tire has been removed from the rim, you can start installing the new tire onto the rim. Installing the tire onto the rim is the same process as removing the tire, only reversed. Using the tire iron (carefully so as not to damage the rim), lever one edge of the tire onto the rim. Use the second tire iron to lever another section of the tire onto the rim, and slide the second tire iron around to maneuver it onto the rim. Repeat this with the second side of the tire. It may help to apply a water based lubricant to the edge of the tire, and this will help to ensure a good seal is achieved. Engage the seal tab if applicable. Fill the tire with air and observe for any leaks.

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