How to Replace a Piston Ring on a Dirt Bike

This information will demonstrate how to replace a piston ring not only on a yz 125, but pretty much on every dirt bike. Follow these steps carefully and your bike will be working as good as new!

  1. Drain your antifreeze and remove the gas tank from the dirt bike. Remove the seat also.
  2. Unscrew the muffler and take off the springs with a tusk or whatever you may prefer.
  3. Begin moving the wires that are in the way of the engine. Remove the spark plug and the top engine block on the dirt bike.
  4. Make sure that the gasket or the ring is not lost after you take off the engine block.
  5. Remove a panel on the side of the engine. Remove the vertical piece that is inside of the panel (it will be the closest thing to your face).
  6. Begin unscrewing the rest of the engine from the dirt bike and remove it. Then you will see a piston.
  7. Remove the piston and cover up the exposed space that is open after taking off the piston. Make sure before you take off the ring that you know where it is placed so you know where to put the new ring on the piston.
  8. Put on the new piston ring and reconnect the piston with the bar inside of the bottom of the engine.
  9. Grease inside of the engine also for better results.
  10. Test to make sure that you did everything right by grabbing the throttle to check the piston moves smoothly.
  11. Put everything back together the way you took it off and you are set to go.
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