Ways to Quiet Down Dirt Bike Exhaust

Silence The Silence

  • The purpose of a motorcycle muffler’s silencer is to do just that — keep exhaust noise to a minimum. If your dirt bike is not as quiet as it once was, one of the best places to check is your muffler’s silencer. The fiberglass packing in the silencer was not designed to last forever. Remove the silencer and check the packing to see if it is still adequate. If the packing does not fill up the silencer, there will be more vibration and more noise. Check online parts retailers or your local dirt bike dealer for replacement silencer packing.

Look For Cracks In The Exhaust

  • Mufflers that have cracks or holes will not operate as quietly as when they were new. Check your dirt bike’s exhaust thoroughly to look for any cracks or holes. Cracks or holes in mufflers cause air to leak out, creating a loss in power and a louder dirt bike. Weld any cracks and holes or take the muffler to a repair shop to have the welding done. Repairing these cracks or holes will give you a much quieter dirt bike and one that has a little more zip.

Tighten Loose Nuts And Bolts

  • The pounding a dirt bike takes on every outing is bound to cause nuts, bolts and screws to loosen over time. Check all of the nuts, bolts and screws attached to your dirt bike’s exhaust to make sure that they are tight. Also check nuts, bolts and screws in and around the engine. Rattling of these parts can cause a dirt bike to become louder over time. An air wrench will help ensure that any nuts, bolts and screws can be tightened as much as possible.

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