iShock i5500 ATV Front End Kit Review

iShock i5500 ATV Front End Kit

Easy installation process. We’ve seen the good and the bad when it comes to installing ATV parts and in our opinion, when we installed the iShock ATV suspension for the first time, we expected blunders and mistakes. (Hey, we don’t fix these things on a routine basis, ok?) What was great with iShock front-end kit was the fact that it came with everything it neededโ€ฆ.all parts and tools we needed came in a box delivered right to our doorstep. So, that’s cookie point number one. No more running out for parts and tools upon opening the parcel.

So, all in all, we’d say that this is dummy-proof stuffโ€ฆif a youth watches the DVD that comes with it, they can install this ATV part by him or herself without help! The package also came with a ball-joint disassembly tool which, to us, helped reduce the stress out of pressing the ball joints out of the A-Arms and other parts of the ATV.

We’ve installed front-ends before and frankly, it’s no party. It takes a whole lot of effort just to remove and replace the front end of a sport ATV. On top of that, we have had to run out for extra parts from other manufacturers in the middle of the installation processโ€ฆ.which was, to say the very least, frustrating. With iShock i5500, everything was just such a breeze that we’re literally grinning all the way.

The result was fantastic. The shock absorption rate was exponential. You know how to need to adjust according to the terrain you’re riding. When you know there are going to be bumps and jumps, you’d want the ATV to be softer so that the landing is not so bumpy. When you’re riding the ATV on a smoother trail, you’d want it to be a little stiffer so that it’s easier to handle. With this shock installed, there’s no need to get under the hood โ€“ one setting got us going. Everything is just one dial awayโ€ฆ.a.k.a. one touch one setting away. Adjusting the suspension’s setting is relatively easy.

Of course, we were extremely happy with the DVD that came along with the ATV suspension installation kit because it made life all that much easier for us.

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