How to Change the Clutch Oil in a Motorcycle

The parts in a motorcycle clutch that take the most abuse are the friction plates. Lubrication is a must, and changing the oil on a regular maintenance schedule will prolong the life of the clutch’s parts and save you money down the road. The proper type of oil and properly adjusted parts will reduce the abuse and keep your motorcycle shifting.


1) The oil in the primary chain case flows around the clutch. Drain it by unscrewing the drain plug on the bottom of the chain case. Also, remove the filler cap to allow the oil to drain out faster. Let it drain until the drips disappear

2) Examine the drain plug. Make sure the threads are free of defects. Inspect the gasket and make sure it is free from wear and tear. Replace if necessary.

3) Remove the oil filter. This can usually be done by hand, but if on really tight, a strap wrench can be used. Drain and dispose of the oil.

4) Reinstall the drain plug. Be careful not to over-torque it and rip the threads in the plug.

5) Pour new oil through the filler to the specified amount required by the manufacturer. Replace the filler cap.

6) Wipe any residual oil that may have spilled onto the bike and start the engine. Inspect for leaks. Pay close attention to the plug area and the filter. When satisfied there are no leaks, get on the bike and ride.

Extra Tips:

* If your filter is really tight and you don’t have a strap wrench, take a screwdriver and hammer and puncture the filter by hammering its side. This will give you leverage to remove the filter.

* Dispose of your oil properly. Wrongful disposal can get you a fine and damage the environment. Use the manufacturer’s recommended oil. The wrong oil can cause your clutch to slip or damage internal parts.

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