Caring for your Child’s ATV

Mini ATVs are great fun for children and even for adults. However, without the proper care, they can wear out quite rapidly. So it is important to take the correct steps for maintenance and preventive care for these machines. The process is simple and requires only basic tools.


1) Use the proper fuel for the machine. The correct mixture for two-stroke minis can be found in the ATV owner’s manual. For four-stroke mini ATVs, use only super-premium fuel. This will be easier on the motor and keep it running longer and harder.

2) Change the ATV’s oil often. If you purchase the ATV new, you should change its oil at least three times within the first 20 hours of ride time. After that period, you should change the ATV’s oil at least once for every 30 hours of ride time.

3) Use WD40 lubricant and joint grease often to replace the lost lubricant on suspension joints and any other moving parts on the ATV. Mini ATV suspension systems become worn sooner than most other systems because they are often used and strained by heavier individuals than they are designed for.

4) Wash the ATV often, usually after every two or three rides, and do a complete job. A good washing will keep contaminants and debris out of open joints and enclosures on the ATV and will prevent unwanted grinding.

5) Keep the ATV’s tires inflated to the recommended pressure. Under-inflated tires can ruin the tires and the rims, not to mention the suspension system.

Extra Tips:

* Be proactive in your maintenance efforts. A little extra work can go a long way in the life of a mini ATV.

* Always use caution when working around pinch points and movable parts on an ATV.

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