General Instructions to Tune Up an ATV

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to keep your ATV happily humming along the trails. All you need is some basic mechanical tools and a just little know-how. Tune-ups on an ATV are easily done in the garage or backyard.


1) Check the oil using the dipstick marked “oil.” If the oil is black and gummy, change it. You can do this by locating the drain plug at the bottom of the crankcase and draining the oil out.

2) Look for frayed or broken ignition wires. If you see the cord underneath, change them. Don’t take a chance of being stuck on the trail.

3) Take the spark plugs out. If they’re worn or dirty, change them. Make sure you gap them to the manufacturer’s specifications.

4) Check the gas filter, which is located on the gas line to the carburetor. If it looks cloudy or if you haven’t changed the filter in awhile, replace it.

5) Examine the air filter. If you see that it’s dirty, replace it. This is located usually on top of the carburetor.

Extra Tips:

* Don’t fool around cleaning spark plugs. Get new ones instead, which aren’t expensive and which make your ATV more reliable.

* Take the time to check the frame and tires for damage or wear as you give your ATV a tune-up.

* Make sure you replace filters and spark plugs according to the manufacturers’ specifications.

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