Maintaining a Polaris ATV Belt Drive

The Polaris all-terrain vehicle, or ATV, is a popular brand of four-wheeler. This recreational vehicle allows riders to go off-road to enjoy rougher terrain. The maintenance for these vehicles is very important, though, as riders can find themselves in remote places. Learn to maintain a Polaris ATV belt drive to keep yourself safe while riding.


1)ย Understand how the belt drive system works. A belt drive on an ATV has two valves: intake and outtake. The intake valve brings in air to keep the motor cool, and the exhaust valve pushes that air out along with small pieces of debris.

2)ย Clean the filters regularly. The valves have filters to keep large pieces of trash, rocks or other items from getting into the belt drive system. Check these filters on a regular basis to determine when they need to be replaced.

3)ย Clean the ducts. A belt breaking is a fairly simple problem to fix. Be sure to remove the belt drive system and clean out the ducts leading to the exhaust pipe. If pieces of the belt get into the ducts, the Polaris ATV will not work, even after having the belt replaced.

4)ย Steer clear of high water when possible. Water can seep into the belt drive system, which will cause damage. Keeping water below the bottom of the ATV will help keep this problem from happening.

Extra Tips:

*ย Some people consider the belt drive on the Polaris ATV to be a weak feature, so be sure to maintain yours properly.

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