How to Change an ATV Bolt Pattern

Changing the bolt pattern on an ATVs wheels is not a difficult task as long as you have the correct tools and knowledge. The bolts on the axles are what mount the wheels to the frame of the ATV. When you change the wheels and rims on an ATV, sometimes you will need to change the bolt pattern to match the new rims. The frame that the wheel bolts are mounted to are secured to the axle by retaining screws


1)ย Loosen all the wheel nuts on one of the ATV’s wheels using an ATV lug wrench. Raise the ATV off the ground using an ATV lift.

2)ย Remove the wheel from the frame of the ATV and set it aside. Loosen the retaining bolts on the brake caliper and the frame that the caliper is mounted to using a ratchet set. Pull the caliper and the frame off the rotor.

3)ย Remove the retaining bolts securing bolt plate to the frame of the axle using a ratchet set. Pull the plate off the axle. The bolts are connected to the plate and come off with the plate.

4)ย Place the new bolt plate onto the axle and tighten the retaining bolts to secure it to the axle. Replace the caliper and caliper frame to the rotor and tighten the bolt. Place the new wheel and rim onto the axle and tighten the nuts. Lower the ATV and tighten the wheel nuts completely.

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