General Tips for Motorcycle Generator Repair

A motorcycle generator is an integral component, but also a very sensitive part of your bike. This is why you need to take utmost attention in keeping your generator in perfect condition. When you are out in the open road and suddenly your motorcycle dies on you, it won’t be that difficult to revive your generator back to life however you need to know the basic troubleshooting procedures first. Fixing any generator isn’t as complicated as you would think but you do need to know essential principles and safety procedures.


Safety is always a matter of concern if you are trying to troubleshoot your motorcycle generator. You can receive burns, cuts, even electric shocks with the mere tinkering of your generator. This is why you need to be very cautious when trying to repair your generator. You should always wear protective gear like industrial gloves and goggles to keep yourself from getting hurt. Wearing a mask should also be advised since gas diesel generators produce harmful fumes.


If you are trying to troubleshoot a generator that refuses to crank, try checking the 12 volt fuse on the control panel. Most likely, the volt has blown. To find out for sure, the volt should register a reading of 9.5 VDC or above in your voltage meter. If your battery is fully charged, it will even register a 12.6 VDC. If you get the following numbers, you should rewire the connections or replace the battery.

Check the Oil Levels

Right after you find out that there is something wrong with your motorcycle generator, you should first check for how much oil you have. Your generator will not be able to run properly if there isn’t enough oil inside your generator. You should pay attention to the oil change schedule of your motorcycle. Often doing something as simple as that can really perk up your generator back to life again. You should also be very particular with the kind of oil your motorcycle uses. You will find out with the help of your manual exactly what kind of fuel you use.

New Models

You should check the model of your motorcycle’s generator. If it is one of the newer models, then it will have display lights that will indicate any kind of problem it might be experiencing. By knowing what is exactly wrong with your generator, you can directly find a solution for it. Having such kind of generator is great because you don’t have to go through series of tests before confirming any kind of problem.

Engine Problems

Engines can make your generator go awry. If your engine has a tendency of overheating faster than the normal ones, you should prevent using your motorcycle when you know that the engine is already getting too hot. Not only will this obviously damage your engine a lot more but it will also cause problems with generator.

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