General Tips for Replacing Motorcycle Cylinder Heads

We end up replacing our motorcycle cylinder heads as often as we would like in a given period of time. This can be really annoying and frustrating, not to mention expensive, for anyone who owns a motorcycle. This is why the next time you open up your motorcycle to replace yet another cylinder head, you should take pains to do something about your lingering problem.

Make Sure that You Have the Right Parts

One thing that you have to understand about cylinder seal parts, like the cylinder head and the head gasket, is that they are made especially for the model of motorcycle that you drive. They were designed according to the model of your vehicle and they have milled surfaces that provide for a snug connection to the other parts of your vehicle. Having said all that, it’s important that you get the part that is appropriate for your motorcycle. You may encounter differences in the measurements if you insist on using an incompatible cylinder head. You should be particular with the bolts and the screws that you’ll be using for the job as well.

Improper Installation Leads to Cracking

Have you ever needed to replace your motorcycle’s cylinder head just a few months or even weeks after purchasing your motorcycle? This may not have been your fault. When the cylinder head installation was not done properly, this can lead to cracking. Inspect your newly bought motorcycle for any indication that the installation of the cylinder head wasn’t done accordingly to avail of any warranty. If you are replacing your cylinder head, pay very close attention to the weak spots in the metal as they are often more vulnerable to cracking.

Look for Un-Mixed Metal Cylinder Heads

The reason why newer brands of cylinder heads crack more easily than the older ones is because the new ones are a product of the mixing of different metals. For example, you have iron and aluminum cylinder heads. The detriment of such a set up is that iron and aluminum expand at different rates, which can cause cracking. Although looking for a cylinder head that is made especially with one kind of metal can be really difficult and expensive, if it is becoming necessary to frequently replace your cylinder head, it’s going to be worth your effort.

Also Check Your Engine Thermostat

One reason your cylinder head keeps cracking could be due to overheating. If this is a problem that you find keeps persisting then you should try and check the other parts of your motorcycle the next time you replace your cylinder head. Check the engine thermostat to see if it is working properly. The thermostat will tell you if your cylinder is getting too hot and that you need to stop ridind. A faulty thermostat will have you running for miles, oblivious that your cylinder head may be cracking yet again.

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