How to Tune a Yamaha PW 80 Dirt Bike

Keeping a Yamaha PW80 dirt bike well-tuned helps the engine performance and prevents stalling and other problems that can lead to dangerous situations. Simple checks and tasks, some before each ride, can go a long way in keeping the bike performing at its best, especially considering that dirt bikes, by their very nature, suffer more abuse than street bikes.


1) Clean the air intake filter following every ride. This is generally the single biggest step in keeping a PW80 tuned. As dirt bikes are commonly used in dusty or muddy conditions, the air filter can very easily become blocked and clogged. Clean the filter by removing it from the case and blowing air through it. A more severely clogged filter should be washed with soapy water and rinsed until clean. Damaged filters should be replaced.

2) Check the spark plug and, if necessary, replace it. Depending on how often the bike is ridden, this change can needed once every month. On a rarely used bike, it should be changed once every three months.

3) Keep the chain lubricated. Any chain lubricant will work, depending on how often you apply it and the type of riding you do. Thicker, stickier lubricants last longer but can be quite messy, while thinner lubricants are cleaner to apply but need to be applied more frequently. Because they need to be applied less often, thicker lubricants are better for bikes frequently ridden on trails far from civilization. Be generous with the amount of lubricant used, and apply it to the underside of the chain where the sprocket rolls into the teeth.

4) Check the gearbox oil level. Frequent riders should do this every couple of weeks, while less frequent riders can do so every month. Similarly, the oil should be completely drained and replaced once every few months.

5) Check the radiator for leaks or damage. This should be done before every ride and can be handle by sight alone. Jumps or riding through brush can cause small leaks in the radiator. Early identification helps keep these leaks from developing into much bigger problems.

6) Inspect the tires for air pressure level. Required pressure varies according to the specific model of PW80, so consult your owner’s manual for the correct reading.

7) Conduct a general inspection of the brake pads, nuts and bolts on the bike. Check that everything is tight. This should be done before every ride to assure safety.

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