Lowering your Dirt Bike

Dirt bike suspension systems are great when you’re moving, but not when you are stopped. Many a clutch or brake lever has been broken by riders dropping their bikes while stopping. You don’t have to subsidize your parts dealer’s mortgage. There are several ways to lower your dirt bike. By combining all of them, you can make quite a difference.


1)ย Adjust the front forks and rear shocks to a softer setting. When you sit on the bike, it will sag down more. When riding, if bumps cause the suspension to bottom out, you have softened it too much. Use trial and error to find the best settings.

2)ย Reduce cushioning in the seat or replace it with a low-profile seat.

3)ย Loosen the triple clamps and slide the forks up, but no more than the manufacturer allows. If you over do this, the front wheel could hit the bottom of the fender and stop, causing an accident.

4)ย Install a lowering link in the rear with a kit. The amount of lowering varies from one lowering link kit to another, but typically it’s from one to two inches.

Extra Tips:

*ย Lowering one end substantially more than the other can change the bike’s handling characteristics.

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