How to Change the Coolant in a Suzuki Z400 ATV

The Suzuki Z400 is an all-terrain vehicle meant for off-roading. The vehicle has a tank that delivers coolant to the radiator in order to cool down the transmission fluid and regulate engine temperature. The coolant should be a translucent red color and free of particles or debris. When the coolant is opaque or dark, it’s time for you to change it. Changing the coolant in the Z400 ATV requires a quick-disconnect tool to remove the pressure clamps.


1) Remove the engine casing by taking out the six screws with the Phillips screwdriver. Place the casing and screws in a safe location.

2) Locate the clear coolant tank on the left side of the engine. Place a drain pan below the coolant tank.

3) Remove the three bolts fastening the tank in place, using the 10 mm socket wrench.

4) Use the quick-disconnect tool to slide the clamps up the coolant hoses running from the coolant tank to the radiator. Pull the hoses off the tank and wait for the tank to drain.

5) Reattach the hoses and clamps. Fasten the tank in place with the bolts.

6) Open the tank by twisting off the cap. Add fresh coolant to the fill line and replace the cap. Reattach the engine casing with the Phillips screws.

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