Installing ATV Bucket Loaders

The ATV can be called the workhorse of the modern day cowboy, farmhand and homeowner. There are attachments for virtually any task that you would want to tackle, and many of these attachments are universal to all ATV types. Such is the case with front loader buckets for the ATV. Designed as a means of transporting soil, rocks, and snow, buck loaders are a highly useful outdoor tool for your ATV. With today’s technology it is easier than ever to mount a bucket loader to your ATV. Universal mounting kits are available that will not only allow you to mount a bucket loader, but will allow you to mount other tools, such as winches and snow plows, to your ATV as well. Follow these steps for installation.


1)ย Drive your ATV up on a set of wheel chocks to elevate the front of the vehicle. Slide the universal mount between the tires of the ATV and lift it up to the ATV chassis. The rear portion of the mount will be attached to the rear hitch by sliding the one portion of the mount tube over the hitch and then attaching the front portion of the mount (with the A-arm attachments) to the tube.

2)ย Loosen the bolts on the A-arm attachments of the mount and slide them onto the A-arms of your bike. Tighten them down with the ratchet set and make sure that the rear tube is pulled tight as well.

3)ย Have someone help you slide the bucket under the ATV and line up the bucket attachment with the mounting bracket at the front of the bike. While your helper lifts the bucket up to the mounting bracket, you will slip the mounting screws into the appropriate holes on the bucket. Use the ratchet to tighten them down.

4)ย Examine the bucket alignment and clearance and adjust using the adjustment screws on the side of the mount if necessary. Test the dumping mechanism, whether it be manual or winch driven, and drive the ATV around to see if any part of the bucket scrapes or binds.

Extra Tips:

*ย Squirt some blue LocTite on all of the bolts as you are installing the universal mount and the bucket loader, so as to prevent lost bolts.

*ย As some buckets are heavy and cumbersome, it is best if someone helps you mount and dismount the bucket loader each time you go to use it.

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