Durablue UTV Wheel Spacers Review

Are you looking for a little more stability and flatter cornering from your UTV?  Don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on longer A-arms, axles, and shocks?  If so, Durablue has the hook-up for you.2012.polaris.rzr800.front.red.riding.on-trail.jpg

Adding a set of DuraBlue wheel spacers to our Polaris RZR 800 really changed its cornering abilities. Now we could pitch it sideways into a corner like never before, with much less body roll.

Recently, we tried a set of Durablue’s UTV Wheel Spacers on our Polaris RZR 800.  The Durablue spacers are 2.5” wide each for a 5” total increase in width.  They come two to a package, so you’ll have to order a set for the front and for the rear.  Each set comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware and detailed instructions, and they have a lifetime warranty.   The spacers mount on special stud extensions and do not require any modifications to the OEM wheel studs.  Installation was super simple and the total time to install all 4 spacers on our RZR was less than 20 minutes.

Once installed, it didn’t take long to notice the difference from the extra 5 inches of width.  There was a dramatic decrease in body roll and it was much easier to slide our RZR through corners without fear of two-wheeling.  The wider, flatter stance also increased straight line stability due to less side-to-side sway. Adding the spacers didn’t seem to have any negative effect on our suspension, and our ride quality was just as good as it was at the stock 50” width.

The only drawbacks to our wheel spacers seemed to be a slight increase in turning radius and an increased tendency for our RZR to make “crop circles” in the grass when we made a sharp turn on the yard, but it was a small price to pay for the increase in stability we gained from the extra width.  We also recommend checking fastener torque regularly to make sure everything stays nice and snug.

vendor.2012.durablue.polaris-rzr800.wheel-spacers.before-installation.jpgThe DuraBlue wheel spacers come with a set of instructions, but it’s pretty easy to figure out how they go on. It took us longer to find the jack! vendor.2012.durablue.polaris-rzr800.wheel-spacers.close-up.jpgThe spacers are a beefy piece of cast aluminum and they slide onto the new stud extensions. Thread the new stud extension over the stock stud, slide the wheel spacer on, reinstall the wheel, and get back to riding.
vendor.2012.durablue.polaris-rzr800.wheel-spacers.installed.jpgWith the wheel spacers installed the brake is no longer tucked inside the wheel, but unless you do a lot of riding in the rocks it won’t matter. Expect a slightly bigger turning radius though.

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