How to Apply Dirt Bike Decals

Decals can add pizzazz and create a custom look on a dirt bike. Decal numbers are often important and required on dirt bikes to distinguish between drivers at racetracks. Sponsors also agree to aid with funding in exchange for applying decals of a business slogan or advertisement onto dirt bikes. Dirt bike graphics come in a wide array of sizes, colors and designs but are easy to apply in a short amount of time


1) Spray glass cleaner on the areas where you will place your dirt bike decals to remove dirt and debris. If you do not remove the dirt, oil or other debris, you will not achieve a good adhesion to the surface. Rub the areas gently with a tack cloth to help remove excess debris and oils.

2) Cut around the decal and leave an excess border of about an inch all the way around. Place the decal onto the area that you want to apply it. Take a pencil and lightly trace around the dirt bike sticker to make a faint line to help ensure a neat job. Set decal aside.

3) Lightly spray the location for a graphic with soapy water in a spray bottle. This will give you a little bit of time to fix or remove the decal if it is crooked or if you decide that you are not satisfied with the appearance of the graphic on your dirt bike.

4) Remove the bottom layer of the sticky part of the decal. This is the bottom part that adheres to the surface. Gently peel a corner of the bottom layer off of the dirt bike decal and lightly pull until the backing is removed.

5) Hold decal with both hands using your thumb and index fingertips. Place the decal above your faint trace and align to ensure a successful match before applying.

6) Apply the decal gently to the traced area starting on one side and working your way across. Do not place the whole decal onto the area. You may develop large air bubbles or damage the decal by bunching it up.

7) Take your old credit or debit card and lightly rub against the decal. Then take your thumb and rub the entire area to remove small air bubbles.

8) Remove the top layering of the decal by gently peeling it slowly off by one of the corners. Gently take a tissue and rub around the edges of the decal to remove the faint pencil trace.

9) Repeat the above steps for all dirt bike decals that you wish to apply.

Extra Tips:

* Apply your dirt bike decals in the proper temperature. According to, surface temperatures should be between 50 and 90 degrees before to properly install decals.

* Never spray a power washer or any other high pressure water sprayer directly at decals. Doing so could remove or damage them.

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