How to Make a Dirt Bike Clutch Easier to Pull

Having your dirt bike clutch easily usable without tiring your hand is extremely important in competitive events and even in leisure riding. Adjusting the clutch on nearly all new motorcycles is extremely easy and requires only a few turns of a quick adjust. Making the clutch easier to pull, much of the time, can not only make it easier for you to shift, but can give the motorcycle’s clutch an easier time with fully engaging.


1) Pull your dirt bike onto a motorcycle jack stand. If you don’t own one, lean the bike up against a solid object. Make sure the dirt bike is as sturdily placed as possible.

2) Use a rag to wipe any dirt, oil or grime off the clutch housing on the left side of the handlebars. Having a clean surface to work with makes the adjustment process much easier.

3) Turn the quick adjust knob on the inside of the lever counterclockwise to loosen the clutch, thus giving it more clutch cable slack. The quick adjust is the largest knob on the assembly. Only turn it around once or twice.

4) Test the loosening by pulling the clutch while holding the knob in place. If the clutch is now at desirable tightness, continue on to Step 5. If not, turn the quick adjust knob even further and test it again. Once the clutch is at a desirable tightness, continue on.

5) Lock the quick adjust by tightening the small lock bolt to the left of the quick adjust bolt up against the quick adjust. Get this as tight as possible with your fingers. The bolt will naturally snug up against the quick adjust.

Extra Tips:

* After you adjust the clutch, go out and ride. Test the setup and if you still don’t quite like it, adjust it again.

* Always stay aware of pinch points when working around moving motorcycle parts.

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