ATV Snorkel Instructions

Adding a snorkel kit to your ATV allows you to travel through conditions that your ATV wasn’t originally designed for, such as deep water and muddy river banks. The snorkel attaches to your ATV’s engine intake, allowing it to continue pulling in fresh air without taking in any water or mud that could severely damage your engine. Installing a snorkel kit to your ATV will require a little bit of mechanical know how but remains a fairly straight forward process.


1) Remove the side panels using the rivet remover. Spray the entire engine including the engine intake thoroughly with the degreaser.

2) Spray down the entire engine, intake and clutch areas using the power washer. Dry everything off using the compressed air once the entire inside of the ATV is clean.

3) Remove the transmission exhaust snorkel system that came with the ATV using the electric screwdriver or rivet remover. Remove the belt intake snorkel system as well, but leave the plastic boot attached to the transmission intake port. Unhook the front cover from the airbox to allow you access to the intake tube.

4) Drill a 2 1/2 inch hole in the plastic intake housing and two 2 inch holes over the transmission intake and exhaust ports. Insert the 1 1/2-inch and 2-inch male couplings that came with your snorkel kit through these holes from the bottom up. Attach the female couplers to the ends of these couplings to secure them in place.

5) Attach the 45 and 90 degree rubber couplings that came with your kit to the transmission belt exhaust vent and the clutch exhaust. Refer to the detailed instructions provided with your kit for the exact order in which they are attached as this differs between ATV model and snorkel kit.

6) Connect one of your kit’s 2-inch couplings to the airbox intake tube and connect it to the 2-inch hole you drilled in the front plastic housing from Step 4. Attach the foot long snorkels using the provided 90-degree elbows to the two 1 1/2-inch and 2-inch couplings.

7) Attach the elongated hoses that came with your kit to your ATV engine’s vent lines. Run them up along the snorkels and attach them to the top using zip ties. Keep the plastic lines away from hot and moving parts to ensure that they don’t melt or get cut during operation.

8) Coat all of the connecting pieces such as the elbows and anywhere else that water or mud could get in with the waterproof sealant. Replace the side panels once the sealant has dried.

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