Tech-Care Fork Volume Chambers – Quick-Connect Kit Review

Smoother Ride, Superior Control Enhanced Handling
Tech-Care Fork Volume Chambers significantly improve the plushness and bottoming resistance of Kayaba, Showa cartridge and twin-chamber style forks, along with WP forks. With the ability for the rider to adjust the low speed fork action using an adjustable pintal valve located between the fork and chamber, the oil height and compression valve stacks can be set more aggressively to improve the forkโ€™s mid stroke action and bottoming resistance during high speed hits and slap-down landings. Just adjust your base valve compression adjuster for overall feel and then adjust the chamberโ€™s low speed bleed screw for the initial travel or low speed action.

You can run a higher oil height and keep your forks plush and they resist bottoming. The chambers incorporate an exclusive quick bleed to bleed-off fork air pressure between races. The maintenance free chamber design eliminates oil accumulation in the chambers. Installation is quick and easy. Simply replace the stock fork air-bleed screw with the quick connect adapter, secure the volume chambers and youโ€™re ready. Available for miniโ€™s up to 150cc and full size bikes.


(Includes: chambers, quick connect adapters, valves, and hoses)

  • Installs in Minutes
  • Available for all fork brands (including WP).
  • Easy-bleed.
  • Self oil-purging chamber.
  • MX, SX, Woods, Off-road.
  • 10 turn easy access compression adjustment screw.
  • Low profile 360ยบ swivel connect.
  • Clamp kit sold separately.
  • Race proven by top GNCC racers.ย Forย Tech-Care Fork Volume Chambers, shop with our sponsor