How to Maintain Clutches on a Polaris ATV

On the inside of a Polaris ATV, you will find two clutches: the drive clutch goes on the motor and the driven clutch is in the rear and goes on the final drive through the input. Maintaining these clutches is essential for your Polaris ATV to maintain top performance.


1)ย Inspect your clutches on your Polaris ATV. The clutch system for the Polaris ATV is fairly simple, however it does require maintenance.

2)ย Clean the dirt from your clutches on your Polaris ATV by using cleaners and a cloth. Any dirt that collects can add unnecessary wear to your Polaris ATV clutches.

3)ย Check the clutches of a Polaris ATV to make sure there are no warm parts.

4)ย Examine the pulleys for wear. The pulleys should be smooth for optimum performance. Should the pulleys become worn, you’ll notice that the smooth taper becomes squared-off. If the pulleys become well worn, they don’t make the transition from low gear to high gear very well.

5)ย Replace the pulleys when they show signs of wear.

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