How to Reset a Honda ATV Display

Honda ATVs are designed for off-road use and come with a variety of engine sizes. The company has a range of ATVs for sport or utility purposes, some of them equipped with digital displays. Among the display gauges that use digital technology are the trip meter, odometer and the clock/date.


1)ย Push the small plastic rod on the right-hand side of the odometer and trip computer to reset the trip mileage. Press for one second and release.

2)ย Look at the trip computer display screen and check the setting is at zero.

3)ย Use an adjustable wrench to disconnect the red and black cables on the battery under the seat. Disconnecting the cables resets all your ATV’s electric gauges, including the trip computer and time/date. Reconnect the cables.

4)ย Insert a pen or pencil tip into the small recessed notch at the base of the clock. Wait for the display to begin blinking and then press the button twice quickly to reset the display.

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