Warn Industries ATV Plow System

  • Built to push snow, leaves, gravel and feed around 
  • High strength to weight ratio minimizes effect on handling of ATV
  • Plow bracket is mounted high on the frame and positioned near the front axle for better ground clearance and increased rigidity
  • Plow can be removed or switched to another ATV in seconds with the WARN® quick-release design
  • Unlike other plows, which use a single pivot bolt, WARN® plows rotate on a 6” diameter bushing plate. Shock loads are distributed across the entire plate rather than concentrated in a small area. This results in long life and increased performance
  • 5-position blade quickly adjusts without tools. Blade is adjustable 25° to either side
  • Blade pivots forward when striking an unmovable object, helping to protect the plow assembly from damage
  • Large diameter blade trip springs and robust 1-1/2” bushings are designed to provide years of service
  • Thick blade ribs tie into a boxed blade support, providing maximum structural support
  • Engineered plow design provides strength and durability while also minimizing weight—the result is a better handling ATV
  • Wear bar provides 1” of wear before needing replacement. The bar for the 60” blade is reversible—providing double the wear material
  • Long lasting, heavy–duty gravel skids are adjustable with quick–release pins, no tools required 
  • The WARN plow has up to 11-1/2” with a winch lift or 8” with manual lift—high enough for the tallest curbs
  • Lift the plow with your WARN Winch, Plow Actuator or the Universal Manual Lift
  • Items sold separatelyNote – Please follow the steps below to complete plow system. Recommended steps only apply to Warn Industries accessories:1. Choose a blade & accessories (see below)
    2. Get the mounting kit – model specific
    3. Choose a lift kit
    4. Order your plow base

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