How to Remove a Snowmobile Clutch

Removing a snowmobile clutch is essential for proper maintenance. It can be a somewhat difficult, but not impossible, task. With a few inexpensive tools, a little elbow grease and some patience you can save a trip to the mechanic. While every snowmobile is different, these steps should cover the basics for most brands. Set aside about two to four hours for this job.


1)ย Remove the belt guard and belt. There’s usually a large access plug on the side of the belly pan; if so, remove this also. This will provide access for the clutch puller.

2)ย Using the magic marker, mark the position of the clutch, hub and front plate. This will help you align the parts when you reassemble the clutch.

3)ย Using the correct size socket, remove the main bolt or bolts (depends on the make/model of snowmobile) on the front of the clutch. You can access these through the hole you unplugged on the side of the belly pan.

4)ย Use the clutch puller to remove the clutch. The clutch puller usually consists of a threaded shaft (or shafts) that go into the hole (or holes) left by removing the main bolt (or bolts). Three or more arms on the puller attach to ย  ย  ย ย ย  the back of the clutch. It usually helps if you lubricate the clutch puller threads first. Thread it by hand until it is snug. Using an electric or air tool can cause damage to the threads or clutch.

5)ย Keep the clutch from rotating by using the pry bar (be careful not to scratch or otherwise damage the clutch), then tighten the puller by hand until the clutch pops off. Sometimes gently tapping the end of the puller with a hammer helps.

Extra Tips:

*A shop manual specific to your snowmobile is an invaluable tool. It’s better to look something up and get the correct information than guessing and getting an adjustment wrong or breaking a part. Different makes/models of snowmobiles may have different types of clutches. Make sure you know what type yours is and purchase the correct tools for the job.

*Snowmobile clutches have springs that are under a great deal of tension. Take care when removing and disassembling a clutch – the springs can cause the clutch to fly apart, causing serious injury or death! Take care not to damage the clutch–scratching the inside of the clutch will ruin drive belts. Use the right tool for the job. If you’re not sure if the clutch puller will fit your snowmobile, check with a mechanic. Don’t use excessive force if the clutch is stuck. Taking it to a mechanic for repair is cheaper than replacing parts you’ve broken. If you’re unsure how to perform this job, consult with a mechanic or take it to the shop. Don’t use electric or air impact tools for this job. Doing so can cause serious damage to the clutch..

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