How to Install a Honda ATV Winch

The winch on a Honda All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) will help you when you get stuck and is essential for heavy lifting. You’ll need this winch if you ride on mountains, rough trails or ravines. Your model of Honda ATV will determine which winch you should purchase. The installation is not difficult if you have a friend help.


1)ย Place the mounting plate onto the front support bars. Using the ratchet set, secure the mounting plate with the brackets supplied with the Honda winch. While your friend is holding the winch, secure the winch to the mounting plate with the brackets and ratchet set.

2)ย Connect the six-gauge wires to the winch. Connect the positive wire to the positive input and the negative wire to the negative input. Lead the wires behind the winch and mounting plate along the inside of the right fender to the contactor box under the seat next to the battery.

3)ย Connect the negative and positive wires from the winch to the contactor box. Unscrew the connectors on the contactor box and connect the wires. The contactor box will allow the winch to work without the engine running.

4)ย Turn the winch on to ensure it is working. The power switch is on the winch at the left or right side.

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