Specifications for a KTM Competition Silencer

Australian motorcycle manufacturer KTM Cycles has been at the forefront of racing and freestyle competition since 1953. Consumers interested in riding to compete can choose from a variety of products available from KTM that will boost both performance and durability of the motorcycle. The KTM Competition Silencer is a bolt-on muffler for KTM’s line of off-road motorcycles, making it an easy installation for instant performance improvements.


  • The KTM Competition Silencer is an exhaust canister manufactured with aluminum parts for a maximum, lightweight design. This particular exhaust canister can simply be bolted onto the compatible motorcycles. A removable spark arrestor comes standard with the competition silencer, allowing consumers to regulate whether or not the exhaust system is prone to spark-induced fires or not. The sleek design of the pipe itself matches any KTM bike that it is installed on, and has a black case with bolt fasteners that fits snug around the aluminum body. The KTM logo is adorned on the outside of the case. The competition silencer is sold in various model numbers, and is compatible with the later model SX, SXF, and EXC/XCF KTM bikes with factory or FMF headers.


  • Consumers will see a slight performance increase with the KTM Competition Silencer in place of the stock exhaust system. According to PBase user tests on the XRC-series KTM bike, the competition silencer sees about 49 horsepower at just over 8,500 rpm, while the stock exhaust system only achieves about 44 horsepower at 7,500 rpm. The spark arrestor is commonly found in off-road motorcycles to meet federal standards in emissions, and removing it might see a slight increase in power. Because the competition silencer is built for the performance enthusiast in mind, the spark arrestor in this particular exhaust canister is already designed for maximum power output when compared with the factory exhaust.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Dependent primarily upon the intended riding use of the KTM motorcycle, the competition silencer can either be a good addition to the bike, or it can be a waste of time and money. For riders who regularly ride on public land and want a bit more boost from their exhaust, a competition silencer is a cheap alternative to rebuilding an entire exhaust system. While still being a competition-ready silencer, it still limits riders to potential performance with the inclusion of all of the interior parts. Because the KTM Competition Silencer is only compatible with stock or FMF headers (also manufactured by KTM), performance increase is limited during fuel/air exhaustion. Advanced riders and mechanics can adjust the end cap of aftermarket exhaust systems, providing for much louder albeit stronger performance during operation.


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