How to Change the Rear Brake Pads on a Kawasaki KDX 220

A Kawasaki KDX 220 is an off-road dirt bike with a 4-stroke 219cc engine, and it is an older-model Kawasaki dirt bike. The Kawasaki KDX 220 is mainly used for trail riding and Enduro racing. The rear brake pads are located on the rear wheel connected to the rear rotor inside the rear brake caliper. The rear brake pads are held in place inside the rear brake caliper by small metal pins and thin metal locking clips. The rear brake rotor should be replaced as well while you are replacing the rear brake pads. This is a basic job that just about anyone can accomplish in about 30 minutes with basic knowledge of this dirt bike.


1) Raise the Kawasaki KDX 220 off of the ground using the motorcycle lift. Locate the rear wheel axle locking nut on the left side of the rear swing arm in the center of the rear wheel. Locate the rear brake rotor and the rear brake caliper.

2) Turn the rear axle locking nut counterclockwise with the crescent wrench until the nut is loose enough to pull it off of the rear swing arm. Pull the nut off of the rear swing arm.

3) Tap the rear wheel axle out of the center of the rear wheel using the rubber-tipped hammer. Pull the rear wheel axle off of the rear wheel. Push the rear wheel toward the engine, and remove the drive chain from the rear wheel sprocket. Loosen the securing nuts on the rear of the rear wheel brake caliper using the ratchet set, and pull the caliper off of the rotor.

4) Bend the two metal clips that are securing the brake pads to the inside of the rear brake caliper with your hands. Pull the brake pads outward from the brake caliper releasing the metal pins. Slide the new brake pads into the rear brake caliper, then push down on them until they snap into place and the locking pins slide into their place on the rear brake caliper.

5) Position the rear wheel in front of the rear swing arm. Reconnect the brake caliper to the rear rotor, and torque the securing nuts to 20-foot lb. using the torque wrench. Place the rear wheel between the two arms on the rear swing arm, and reconnect the drive chain to the rear wheel sprocket. Insert the axle bolt in the center of the rear wheel, and tap the bolt all the way into the rear wheel.

6) Tighten the rear wheel axle locking nut using the crescent wrench. Pull the rear wheel away from the engine. Tighten the drive chain to the specifications for the type of riding that you will be doing. Tighten the rear axle nut to 40-foot lb. using the torque wrench.

Extra Tips:

* All of the torque specifications are in the owner’s manual.

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