Recommended Tires for Victory Motorcycles

Dunlop Tires Elite 3

The next generation of long distance tires, the Elite 3. Also known as the E3, this tire delivers improved performance and longer wear in a radial construction tire for big road bikes such as the Honda Goldwing, Valkyrie, VTX1800, and Victory Hammer and Vegas Jackpot. Plus a bias-ply model for all the major touring motorcycles and large cruisers.

  • Improved wear resistance with even more wear characteristics providing increased mileage, plus great traction.
  • The E3 tread pattern provides class leading wet pavement performance even while riding through large puddles of standing water.
  • Tread pattern not affected by rain grooves, steel bridge decks or tar stripes, resulting in less front end hunting and more consistent feel.
  • The E3’s sport-derived profile provides a livelier response in turn transitions and a solid feel through turns for confident cornering.
  • The bias-ply Elite 3 features a new profile modeled after the shape of modern radial construction tires and shares many of the same benefits.
  • The load capacity of the E3 rear tire for the Honda GL1500 and GL1800 has been increased to 992 pounds for greater carrying capacity.
  • Elite 3 tires come in a wide range of sizes, including radials for all of the big Hondas, a new wide tire and most popular bias-ply sizes previously found in the 491 Elite II.
  • The Elite 3 Custom Wide 250/40R18 tire works as great as it looks. The Polaris Victory Hamme features this new wide Dunlop tire as well.
  • The radial E3 is designed for each tire size to work on all motorcycle fitments, making it easier to stock fewer tires while covering more applications.

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