Snowmobile Repair Information

Like any other type of automobile, snowmobiles can encounter a variety of problems. Repairing a snowmobile starts with troubleshooting the issue. Snowmobile issues are most commonly associated with the engine, clutch system or belt.

Common Problems

  • While there are a plethora of reasons a snowmobile may need to be repaired, common problems associated with repairs include slow acceleration, fast acceleration, vibration and rough clutch shifting. To avoid these problems, choose the appropriate gear for your riding conditions and be sure to check the condition of the belts on your snowmobile every 400 to 600 miles.

Causes of Problems

  • Snowmobile problems can occur for a variety of reasons, but most commonly occur when pulleys or belts are worn or dirty, the engine is out of tune, a belt breaks or burns, the pulleys come loose or a belt is not fitted properly, meaning it is either too short, too long or too narrow.

Repair Solutions

  • For the best results, you should bring your snowmobile to a professional for repair. The professional will likely diagnose the problem and suggest an alignment, a tightening or replacement of pulleys or belts, or an engine tuning. Be aware that more serious problems such as engine failure cannot be repaired.

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