Yamaha FX Nytro MTX Supercharger by Mountain Performance, Inc.

Give your FX Nytro MTX a 45 horsepower performance boost with a Mountain Performance, Inc. supercharger kit. This MPI supercharger kit is a true bolt-on, premium pump gas upgrade with provides instant throttle response.

The MPI supercharger kit is thoughtfully engineered for quality installation, fit and finish with no modifications to the hood or side panels of your Nytro MTX. All wiring uses stock style connectors, so you will not have to cut and splice your sledโ€™s wiring harness. Additionally, the MPI supercharger system uses the stock exhaust.

The supercharger kit was designed by the electronics experts at Mountain Performance, Inc. to work seamlessly with Yamahaโ€™s fuel injection system components, with running quality similar to the stock engine. While your buddies are busy tuning their finicky, modified 2-stroke engines, youโ€™ll be setting highmarks with your high performance MPI Supercharged FX Nytro MTX.

The supercharger kit has a 1 year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Important: The MPI supercharger kit is designed only for operation at elevations above 6000 feet. While installation of this kit will not โ€œvoidโ€ your snowmobileโ€™s warranty, specific failures determined by Yamaha to have resulted from installation of kit components or other modifications may not be covered by the Yamaha limited warranty or extended service coverage.

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