How to Fix a Clutch on a Kawasaki ATV

Fixing a clutch on a Kawasaki 4-wheeler is easier than it sounds. The basic procedures are the same as any ATV or motorcycle. The entire job can be done in less than an hour if properly prepared. Eventually, every 4-wheeler will need a repair or replacement of a clutch, so knowing how to do the work yourself will save you time and money. You will also gain some pride knowing you fixed it yourself.


1) Drain the oil out of the 4-wheeler. This is done by unscrewing the drain plug under the engine. If you have a skid plate obstructing the plug, remove it first.

2) Remove the clutch cover with a socket and ratchet. Inspect the gasket and replace if it is worn, cut or ripped.

3) Remove the pressure plate by loosening the bolts with a socket and ratchet. Loosen in a crisscross pattern so that the pressure plate comes off easily and won’t bind. There are springs behind the bolts, so be careful not to loosen them. When removing the pressure plate be aware of the lifter behind it and make sure you don’t loose it.

4) Remove the friction plates from inside the clutch compartment. Remove the jutter springs and make a note of how they are positioned. This will make the reinstall process easier.

5) Reverse the steps to reinstall. When installing the bolts on the pressure plate and the clutch cover, consult your service manual for the right torque pressure.

Extra Tips:

* Soaking the friction plates in oil overnight will make putting them in the clutch compartment easier.

* Over-torquing the bolts on the friction and pressure plates can cause damage to your clutch.

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