How to Pull the Rotor Off a Kawasaki 360 Prairie

The most commonly referred to rotor on an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) is the one on the alternator. This rotor is an essential part of the functioning of your Kawasaki 360 Prairie as the alternator keeps the engine charged. Over time, the rotor may fail leading to power loss in your ATV. It is easily accessible from the right side of the 360, and you will need a special drive pulley holder to remove the rotor.


1) Locate the alternator lead connector and pickup coil lead connector. They are both harnesses located near the front left shock of the vehicle. Remove the harnesses by pressing in on the unlock tab and pulling them apart.

2) Locate the recoil starter, which looks like a black round cap. Remove the recoil starter by removing the four mounting bolts that secure it, and pull it away from the system.

3) Locate the torque converter cover, which is right behind where the recoil starter used to be. Find the two wires from the cover, the drive belt failure detection switch and the engine brake actuator lead. Disconnect these two harnesses by pressing in on their unlock tabs and pulling them apart.

4) Remove the air duct that is connected to the torque converter by unscrewing the clamp that holds it into place. Remove the seven torque converter bolts along the outside edge, and pull away the torque converter cover. You should now see the exposed alternator.

5) Remove the three bolts that secure the drive pulley cover. Pull the cover off. Use three bolts to secure the drive pulley holder to the drive pulley mechanism.

6) Loosen the alternator rotor bolt by rotating a socket wrench counterclockwise and holding the drive pulley holder firmly in place. Remove the alternator rotor bolt when it is loose, and remove the drive pulley. You can now pull out the rotor.

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