How to Replace a Clutch Cable for a KTM Dirt Bike

The clutch of your KTM dirt bike connects or disconnects, essentially, the rear wheel drive system from the drive line of your engine. This is the mechanism that allows you to come to a stop on the motorcycle without the engine dying. Unfortunately, as you ride your bike through the dirt and mud and use the clutch regularly, the cable that actuates it will stretch and wear out. Keep your KTM dirt bike running properly by replacing the clutch cable at home.


1)ย Set your KTM on its kickstand if it has one (many do not) or in a work stand so you can work without the bike falling over. If neither of these are available, prop the bike against something solid.

2)ย Use a crescent wrench to loosen the barrel adjuster on the clutch lever body. Line up the slots on the adjuster and lock nut to slide the cable out of the lever’s cable stop.

3)ย Use a combination or adjustable wrench to loosen the cable adjusters at the other end of the clutch cable, near the clutch cover. Use a hex wrench to loosen the clutch actuator cable stop and remove the cable. You should now be able to remove the cable completely from the bike.

4)ย Remove the new cable from the packaging and verify that it’s the correct cable for your KTM. Insert one of the cable ends into the clutch actuator cable stop. Run the cable through the clutch cable adjusters near the clutch cover.

5)ย Slide the cable into place on the clutch lever. Tighten the barrel adjuster lock nut so the cable won’t fall out of the lever. Use a combination or adjustable wrench to tighten the clutch cable adjusters near the clutch cover until you have the correct amount of play in the clutch cable (usually 5 – 10 percent of the lever pull).

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