How to Change Oil in a Suzuki 4 Stroke

Suzuki is a company of many trades. While most manufactures stick with making only automobiles, all terrain vehicles or dirt bikes, Suzuki makes all three. Therefore, if you like their automobiles, as many people do, you also have the option to purchase one of their ATVs or dirt bikes. No matter what type of Suzuki you drive or ride, the most crucial thing to keeping it on the road or trail and problem free is to change the oil regularly for your 4-stroke engine.


1) Allow your motorcycle to cool down after riding it. The engine will be cool to the touch when the temperature is cool enough to proceed with the oil change.

2) Place a drip pan under the motor and remove the oil plug.

3) Allow all of the oil to drain out of the motor. After it has drained out, take the oil filter off by twisting the filter counterclockwise.

4) Take your new filter and screw it on where you took the old one off. After this, refill the reservoir with oil. It will indicate a minimum and a maximum oil level; fill it to the maximum.

5) Take your old oil and seal it in a container. You can then take it to a garage and they will dispose of it for you.

6) Drive your motorcycle on a test run and verify the oil level after the engine block has cooled. Refill the oil to the maximum level and the oil change will be complete.

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