How to Disassemble Honda Motorcycle Struts

The struts on your Honda motorcycle require servicing from time to time. Mono-shocks, like those found on dirt bikes, and twin shocks found on road bikes, are removed from the motorcycle and disassembled when servicing the shock rod, or replacing the coil spring and spring seats. Experienced mechanics have a knack for taking struts apart in less than a minute without assistance. Your first go-around at disassembling a Honda strut is easier with the help of an assistant.


1) Attach an adjustable wrench onto the large nut at the base of the damper adjuster (clicker) at the lower end of the strut. Insert the end of a large flat-head screwdriver or steel rod through the lower shock mount below the damper adjuster.

2) Hold clockwise pressure on the wrench as you turn the shock mount counterclockwise using the screwdriver as a lever. Turn the shock mount until the clicker tab on the shock rod aligns with the open slot in the damper adjuster. The coil spring fully extends at this point, which is necessary.

3) Stand the strut upright on a wood block. Put both hands atop the coil spring cap. Press down on the cap to compress the coil spring and relieve tension on the spring seats.

4) Ask an assistant to lift the spring seats at each side of the shock rod, or single spring seat, out of the recesses in the spring cap using a small flat-head screwdriver.

5) Slide the top coil spring cover off the upper end of the strut. Slide the coil spring off the upper end of the strut. Slide the lower spring cap up and off the upper end of the strut.

Extra Tips:

* The damper adjuster is machine pressed onto the shock rod during fabrication. Replace the strut if the damper is damaged.

* Do not attempt to remove the spring seats first.

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