Cleaning a Kawasaki Carburetor

Carburetors tend to get plugged with buildup and contaminants over time, especially on older motorcycles. So cleaning these carbs properly is an important task in getting your bike up and running again. Doing the job with the proper equipment and tools will make it much easier, and you’ll be able to clean the carburetor quickly and effectively.


1) Put on rubber gloves. Remove the carburetor from your motorcycle. This varies by model, so refer to your owner’s manual. But standard removal consists of removing the fuel tank lead from the fuel switch, removing the hose clamp around the carburetor, and lifting it out of the side of the motorcycle’s engine compartment.

2) Dump all the gas out of the carburetor into a bucket. Shake the carburetor gently so that all of the gas in the lines and crevices will drain.

3) Remove the black, round siphon washer from the center of the carburetor by gently twisting it counterclockwise. This will give you easier access to the entire assembly. Spray the siphon washer off with carburetor cleaner.

4) Use an air compressor with a small tip to blow out all the lines in the carburetor. These small lines often get plugged with gas particles.

5) Spray the carburetor out with carburetor cleaner. This is an extremely potent chemical solution that is designed to degrease and remove particle clogs. Be sure to hold the carburetor over a bucket as you spray it.

6) Drain any remaining fluid out of the carburetor. Reinstall the carburetor the same way you removed it.

Extra Tips:

* Taking your time when cleaning a carburetor helps ensure that you won’t have to remove the carburetor again soon. Clean the assembly the best you can.

* Use caution when working around potentially dangerous chemicals.

* Be aware of pinch points when working around motorcycle parts.

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