Snowmobile Shocks Review

Yamaha GYTR ®Öhlins® Shocks

Öhlins® suspension components are world famous for their high-quality, excellent damping characteristics and a smooth, controlled ride. All Öhlins®
snowmobile shocks have “Ice Device™” – a bronze disk that scrapes ice off the shock rod on a floating basis to prevent moisture and debris from damaging the rod and entering the shock body. These shocks are designed to stand up to the toughest winter conditions without needing a rebuild every season. Front and rear/ rear shocks come with remote reservoir and adjustable compression damping, so you can adjust our suspension to your riding style.

Yamaha GYTR® Ohlins® Front Shocks

These racing shocks are among the highest quality, premium gas shock absorbers available in the market. They feature adjustable spring preload and compression damping to fine-tune handling. The remote piggyback reservoir allows increased oil capacity to minimize shock fading. They also feature a shaft seal specially designed for snowmobile use – the special seal scrapes the ice of the shaft to prevent ice from entering the shock and diluting the oil. Sold individually.

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