Pilot Power Tires by Michelin

Michelin Pilot Power motorcycle tires are popular with aggressive street-oriented sport riders.  There is good reason for this – they offer good grip, predictable cornering, and decent tread-life.

Developed through Moto GP racing, the Pilot Powers require minimal warm up time. This is a great thing on the street where you don’t have controlled warm up laps before you hit the twisties.  Michelin boasts lean angles of 50.6 degrees in dry conditions and 41.9 on wet pavement.  I have not ridden the Pilot Powers in the wet, but I can attest to the impressive dry cornering of the tires.

Take a look at the tread pattern…looks a little sparse doesn’t  it?  That’s because the grooved area is less than 12% of the total tire area for premium cornering grip.  And for you cold weather riders, the rubber mix remains tacky even at low temperatures on the Pilot Powers.

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