About ATV Snow Plow Kits

ATV snow plow kits are very useful if you want to plow snow with your ATV. Many people have them installed at a dealership, or install them themselves. They are the easy way to convert your recreational vehicle into a DIY snow removal system that can be more effective than a snow blower and easier to use.

What is in the Kit?

  • The typical ATV snow plow kit includes a range of accessories. Many will come with the snowplow, mounting bar and hardware to install the mounting bar, as well as a system to raise and lower the plow. This is a necessity if you want to plow a driveway or any other area, because you will need to drive the plow without the blade lowered while it is attached at times.


  • There are several types of kits available. First of all, mounting kits are generally sold separately from snow plows, however some companies package them together. Then there are lift kits, which can be bought separately from mounting kits. These lift kits come in manual (with a hand-operated lifting arm) or hydraulic.


  • ATV snow plow kits come in a range of styles–some with a lot of features and others with the bare essentials. Typically, a mounting kit will feature bars that mount to the frame, and it will be made of high or low quality steel. They are also compatible with specific models of ATV. Lifting kits will feature advanced or simple hydraulics with push button operation, they may also feature a side-to-side movement, which tilts the blade to the left or right for moving snow in either direction.


  • Plow kits can be as inexpensive as $60 but can also cost hundreds of dollars for more advanced models. It all depends on how well constructed the kit is, what it offers and what it can do. Manual mounting and lift kits are the most inexpensive. Warn makes a low-end mount kit for under $65, while their manual mount and lift kit costs about $185.


  • When choosing an ATV lift kit, consider how you will use it. Will it be used for snow plowing only, or will it be used for dirt removal, lawn grading and other uses? If so, a stronger blade with a sturdy hydraulic lift system and a strong mounting bar is a necessity. You should also consider a lift kit that has a dual side-to-side action, which helps when you are grading dirt.

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