Putting a Drive Chain on an ATV

A drive chain is one of the most important components on an ATV. It transfers the power from the engine to the rear wheels, and connects around a metal sprocket mounted on the transmission and runs back to connect around the sprocket that is mounted to the rear axle. Installing a new chain is a straightforward project that requires only one specialized tool to accomplish.


1)ย Park the ATV on level ground and turn the engine off. If you have been riding the ATV, allow the engine and sprockets to cool.

2)ย Open the chain link tool and place it over a link in the chain. Turn the handle clockwise to force the tool through the link connection and remove the pin. Remove the tool from the chain and pull the chain apart.

3)ย Place the chain around the sprocket on the transmission and guide both ends to the rear axle sprocket. Place the chain around the rear axle sprocket.

4)ย Place the chain link tool over one end of the chain. Connect both ends, line up the holes and put pressure on the tool to force the pin into the link.

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