Compare the KTM 300 Dirt Bike Models

KTM began operations in 1937 in northern Austria and is known as one of the leading international manufacturers and sponsors of dirt bikes. KTM offers a championship  pedigree and years of building experience behind every dirt bike, including their two 300 models.


Comparing the 300 KTM Dirt Bike Models

1) KTM has two different 300 dirt bike models, the 300 XC and the 300 XC-W. While the two models are similar, they have discernible differences. The differences inside the engines are small, with the main difference coming in engine displacement, with the 300 XC-W having an engine displacement of 293.2 cc, while the XC’s engine displacement is 296 cc.

2) The 300 XC has a kick-start/electric starter, while the XC-W has a kick-start and an e-start 12v 3Ah battery for a starter. The only other difference in the engines is that the XC has a six gear semi-close ratio transmission, while the XC-W has a six gear-wide ratio transmission.

3) The XC does not have a trail on the chassis, while the XC-W features an adjustable trail. The chassis on these two bikes, like their engines, are remarkably similar. Both of these 300 dirt bikes would satisfy most dirt bike enthusiasts, as they both have large amounts of torque and power output. The e-start battery on the XC-W may give it a slight edge when comparing the two models of KTM dirt bikes.

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