How to Stud a Dirt Bike Tire

The surface of ice will not allow the rubber of motorcycle tires to gain traction. When driving on ice, you need to add a source of friction to the tire. Ice studs are screws made of special alloys to reduce corrosion and keep the studs in your tire. The ice studs are essentially screws with coarse threads to grip the rubber of the tire. Properly sizing the screws will ensure the studs remain in the tire without penetrating the inside wall of the tire.



  • 1

    Mark a rough center on each knob of both the front and rear motorcycle tires with a light-colored paint marker.

  • 2

    Secure the stud-installation tool supplied with the ice studs into the chuck of a variable-speed drill motor.

  • 3

    Push the tip of an ice stud into the end of the stud-installation tool. Align the pointed tip of an ice stud with a paint mark. Slowly pull the trigger of the drill motor to thread the stud into a tire knob. Stop drilling when the end of the stud installation tool reaches the surface of the tire.

  • 4

    Install one ice stud into each tire knob as described

  • 5

    Drive the motorcycle for one to two miles. Check each stud to ensure it is tight. Replace loose or missing studs at least 1/4 inch away from the location of the damaged or missing stud.

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