Keeping your ATV Battery Warm

Keeping your ATV battery warm on frigid days is done by using a product called a snowmobile/ATV engine warmer. This is a blanket that sits on top of the engine to keep the battery and many of the other engine components from freezing. This includes the viscosity of the oil and other fluids that are needed to run the ATV. However, you will first need to obtain an engine warmer to use with your ATV.



1) Open the hood of the ATV to access the engine.

2) Unroll the blanket and place it over the engine. Make sure the blanket covers the battery.

3) Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet. If the ATV is being kept outside you may need to run an extension cord to the ATV to plug in the blanket.

4) Set the temperature control to the desired setting. This can range between 50 and 180 degrees fahrenheit.

5) Leave the blanket on during the night or when you are not planning to ride the ATV.

6) Unplug the power cord and remove the blanket when you want to use the ATV.

Extra Tip:

**Fold the blanket over if it is too big for the engine compartment of your ATV.

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