Off-Season Trainning for Motocross

Motorcross racing is fun, and that is why you love it so much, but to be really good you need to train your body to handle all aspects of motorcross racing. Motor cross is usually a spring and summer activity, but you want to keep your body in shape throughout the year, so that you don’t have to do it when season begins. Because motorcross requires stamina, and overall flexibility, you want to keep your training more aerobic and cardiovascular oriented than weight oriented. The better motorcross drivers have long sinewy muscles and are not overly muscular.



1) To train your body for motorcross racing you need to do many other things besides just motor cross. One of the best things you can do is triathlon training, which will get all of your muscles flexible and able to move when you are on that motorcross bike. Motor cross racing is much more fun when you are in shape. If you live in an area that gets cold in the winter time, you will probably want to join a gym with an indoor pool, so you can get your exercise all in the same place.

2) Get going with running. Integrating running into your training routine will help you as a racer.

3) Start mountain biking. This exercise will get you into balance and train those muscles in your leg for motor cross riding.

4) Swimming gives your body the stamina it needs for motor cross racing.

5) Use the rowers, treadmills, and bikes. If you are a gym member head toward the cardiovascular equipment.

6) Focus on cardiovascular exercises for about 40 minutes at least three times a week to keep your heart rate within your targeted area.

Extra Tips:

* Some other fun winter activities that keep you in shape for your motorcross training are skiing and cross country skiing. Hiking is always a great activity too. The most important thing is that you keep your workout routine varied enough that you are interested in it, so varying these different exercises will keep you in shape during the off season.

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