Types of ATV Plow Mounts

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ATVs are used for more than recreation on many farms.

ATVs are used for recreation and for utility work. Mounting a snowplow on the front of an ATV increases its usefulness all year long. Plows can clear snow in the winter and to move dirt or gravel in the warm months. Snowplows are made of a heavy-grade steel with and angled blade along the bottom edge of the blade to help get under the snow or other material that is being moved.

Straight Blades

  • Straight blades sit straight across the ATV. There aren’t any curves to this type of plow — it is basically a piece of metal that is mounted to the ATV mounting plate. This type of plow works best in small areas and on concrete. The edge of a straight plow is good for breaking up ice. Since the snow is pushed directly in front of the ATV as it is plowed, it is advisable to make frequent trips to the snow pile. This allows the user to avoid collecting too much snow on the blade, which can cause the ATV to lose traction.

Angled Blades

  • Snowplow blades that angle to the left or right are known as angled blades or country blades. These blades are designed to allow the snow to push off to the side of the plow. When plowing a long driveway, this type of blade allows the snow to slide off into the ditch, which prevents the snow pack from becoming too heaving on the front of the ATV. It also allows the rider to cover longer distances with the plow.


  • V-blades are shaped like a “V” with the point pushing out and away from the ATV. This type of snowplow allows the snow to slide off the plow like the angled plow but on both sides instead of one. This type of plow is designed for creating paths.


  • Plow blades can mount to most makes of ATV with the use of mounting plates. These plates are mounted to the frame under the front end of the ATV. The plate extends forward to provide a secure place for the frame of the plow blade to attach. Mounting plates are usually sold with the plow blade, although it never hurts to verify that they are included when purchasing the blade. The mounting plate will include the hardware that is required to attach it to the front of the ATV.

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