How to Modify a Snowmobile Exhaust

The exhaust on a snowmobile helps the engine breathe, allowing for extra horsepower. By expelling exhaust gas the engine is able to draw in fresh air to mix with fuel. When the air and fuel mix, the horsepower of the snowmobile increases and the response of the snowmobile translates into greater speed. Snowmobiles are typically 2 and 4 cycle engines. Both types of snowmobile respond in accordance to the performance of the exhaust system. When modifying a snowmobile exhaust the goal is to increase the amount of air sucked out of the engine.



1) Locate the expansion chamber of the snowmobile exhaust system. You can modify the expansion chamber in terms of shape and length to increase expulsion of exhaust gases. To locate the expansion chamber trace backwards from the muffler to the engine block; the expansion chamber is located under the carburetor and engine block.

2) Tune the pipes by adding lengthening pipes or my installing a wider expansion chamber to the exhaust system. Any galvanized steel pipe is ok to use, but if you want a quiet ride use extension pipes made for your model snowmobile.

3) Install curved exhaust tuning pipes on the exhaust system so the shock waves from the engine reflect back through the expansion chamber and into the exhaust port. This allows the air and fuel mixture to go back into the cylinder. Installation is simply slipping the pipes over existing pipes at both ends.

4) Create a balance between expelled gases and fresh air intake to maximize engine performance by changing the shape of the expansion chamber. Remove the current expansion chamber and replace with one of a larger size. Also install longer exhaust pipes. The longer the exhaust pipe the more gases expelled.

Extra Tips

  •  Learn the sound pollution laws in the area you are snowmobiling in. Noise pollution can come with a hefty fine.
  •  Never touch an exhaust pipe while the snowmobile is running. Turn the snowmobile engine off and left to cool for at least 60 minutes. A hot exhaust pipe can cause third degree burns.

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