About Utility ATV Exhaust Pipes

Utility ATV exhaust pipes are not all created equal, which means there are many factors to consider when shopping for an ATV exhaust pipe system. Things to think about include pipe material, your ATV riding habits, the amount of power you require and potential noise restrictions or considerations. There are many reasons that people change or upgrade their Utility ATV exhaust pipe system. Some desire more power, a new look, less noise, or simply to replace a worn out system.



If your ride your ATV around your property and have neighbors, or like to traverse dirt trails with noise restrictions, consider an exhaust that can reduce noise. Keep in mind that models with reduced noise often provide less power.


If you want more power from an exhaust to maximize your ATV’s performance, look for an exhaust system specially designed for this purpose. The downside to this type of exhaust system is that they tend to be loud.

When you Want it All

If you want power one day, but need to worry about noise the next, then consider a tunable exhaust. Tunable exhaust pipe systems for ATVs have a series of removable disks that alter the back pressure, which ultimately affects how much or little noise and power your vehicle produces.


There are many accessories you can buy to complement your Utility ATV exhaust pipe system. Items include inserts to minimize noise. ATV water snorkels that slip onto exhaust pipes to prevent stalling and damage when you ATV encounters deep water. There are even slip-on devices known as spark arrestors that work to prevent fires by keeping highly heated debris from exiting the pipe.

The Impact of Materials and Weight on Price

The price range varies widely when it comes to exhaust pipe materials. Exhaust pipes for ATVs made of aluminum are generally cheaper but are heavier than their more expensive titanium counterparts. Aluminum exhausts retail for around $80, while titanium exhausts can sell for as high as $700.

Cosmetic Appeal

Some people ride ATVs for shows and competition. If this is your aim, consider an exhaust that is eye-catching. Exhausts come in an array of designs and colors. They do not alter sound or power.

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